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Achim Häkel
Project manager
3i Traductions, Paris

What does CAT stand for?

Answer: Quality And Consistency

CAT also stands for computer-aided translation, which makes use of translation environment tools to aid the translation process.

I systematically use SDL Trados Studio 2011 software, for the following reasons:

  • Not a single word of the original text is overlooked
  • Use of terminology within and between documents is consistent
  • Virtually any file format can be processed, reproducing the original layout exactly
  • Side-by-side presentation enables methodical checking during revision
  • Customer glossaries and preferred terminology can be integrated seamlessly

Why use a human translator at all?

As yet, machines have not come close enough to the ability of human translators to complete the complex intellectual task of translating precise meaning from one language into another, reproducing the style and register of the text accurately and allowing for cultural differences.

MT (machine translation) applications such as the one used by Google translate are freely accessible via the Internet and perfectly adequate for providing ‘gist’ translations for anyone needing to have an idea of the content of a text or website. But that’s all.

Have a go using one and you will see why!

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